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Early 2012, low prices and skyrocketing rental returns  attracted huge corporate and hedge fund buyers of bundles of homes at bulk sales. At the end of 2013, these buyers stopped buying. What do they know?


Its interesting how deregulation in 1999 deflated the stock market while the real estate market, rather than level out into a normal cycle, continued to shoot up. Why? Look at "Real Estate Hangover 2009."


This chart nicely continues on from the chart below ending in 2010. It appears prices are on the way up. Or are there factors not indicated in this chart? Size, quality, and locations of homes for a start.

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 zillowpencilsharpenersnake.png   ZILLOW – FRIEND, FRAUD, or TERRORIST  Zillow started as amusement for homeowners, but when lenders used it to replace real appraisals, economic terror started. This article is a good introduction to the corruption of Zillow.  http://zillowripsoffagents.com/

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The green line is average sales price. Note the cycle between 1971-1981, and 1981-91, 1991-2001, then . . . oops what happened??

The blue line is number of sales. Interesting, there is a "M" with the sales peaking, dropping, then peaking again.

What happened? Read "The Real Estate Hangover 2009" – link on left side bar.

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ROBO-SIGNING Fact or Fiction?  Its unbelievable.

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BANKSTERS vs. DEADBEATS  Who is to blame? Who should be accountable?

Foreclosure Fraud – MSNBC  Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) on MSNBC Live speaks with Matt Taibi of Rolling Stone about bank foreclosure fraud.

Clinton Talks Housing On Letterman  What does Bill think needs to be done?

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